Total Fair Price:$385

Fair Price Fee Details

Physician Services
Fee: $385
Fee Details: Physician fee for this procedure which is typically performed in the doctor's office. Endoscopy of the urethra and bladder.
Pricing Agreement: Printable Detailed Pricing Agreement
Cost Savings Tips and Financial Considerations

Cystoscopy is most often performed in the doctor’s office.

If you receive cystoscopy in an ambulatory surgery center you will pay additional fees for the facility and possibly for anesthesia.

If you are scheduled to have cystoscopy in an ambulatory surgery center, ask your doctor if this is required for your condition, health and specific procedure. If not, then you may be able to decrease your costs by having it performed in the doctor’s office.

Fair Price Information

What does the Fair Price mean?

This is Healthcare Bluebook's recommended price for health care services. The Bluebook price is based on the typical fee that providers in your area accept as payment from insurance companies. This is the price you should have to pay, even if your provider charges more. You can use this price to negotiate with your provider or shop for an in-network provider that charges a Fair Price.

How do I find a Fair Price?

If you have health insurance, you should ask the in-network providers listed in your provider directory what the in-network rate is for this service. Different in-network providers often charge different prices. Call several providers to find one that is willing to accept a Fair Price.

If you do not have health insurance coverage, then you should call providers and ask if they offer discounts for self-pay patients and what their price is for the service.

See the How to Negotiate Healthcare Prices with Doctors and Hospitals section for additional information.

See the Healthcare Quality Resources section to make sure that you find high quality providers.