Binding Price Estimate


Healthcare Provider / Facility (hereinafter “Provider”): ____________________________

Patient (hereinafter “Patient”): _______________________________________

Service/Product: Trim Nails

According to the Healthcare Bluebook, the Fair Price for consumers who pay healthcare providers with cash at the time of service or product delivery is ____$33______. Fee for one or more

The Provider agrees to provide Trim Nails to the Patient for a total price of (please complete and check agreed upon price):

 $33  or
  _________, subject to the terms below:

1. Fee for one or more

2. If the actual service or product required to treat the patient is different from that listed above, then Provider will make a reasonable effort to inform Patient what the new service or product is and what the price will be before treatment.

3. Other terms or conditions: __________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Patient agrees to pay Provider in full at the time of service or in the manner that is agreed to in advance and acceptable to Provider.

In consideration of above, the parties indicate their agreement by signing below.

________________________ ________________________
Patient Provider
________________________ ________________________
Date Date


Please take the Healthcare Bluebook binding estimate agreement to your healthcare provider. Share the Bluebook price with your provider and ask them to provide a cost estimate to you. Once you have agreed on an acceptable price, you can complete the above agreement for your records.

Notice to Healthcare Providers:

CareOperative offers the HealthCare Bluebook as a free resource to patients to inform them of fair healthcare prices. While the Bluebook prices are generally below “billed charges”, they are also generally above standard insurance contract rates accepted by most providers. The prices should be fair compensation for cash paying patients. If you would like to learn more about the Healthcare Bluebook or join the CareOperative Provider Network, please visit us at