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The Challenge

An uneven playing field makes it hard for high-value providers like you to compete.

Patients want great care at a Fair Price they can count on. You provide that, but you’re still losing business to larger, more expensive competitors.

Healthcare Bluebook helps level the playing field by prominently featuring facilities, who have partnered with us, in our search results. When consumers search our site for procedure price information, we introduce them to facilities who are committed to providing them with great prices – in advance of care.


Start seeing the patients who haven’t been seeing you.

To most patients, you’re not much more than a name in a network directory. They have no easy way of knowing you offer great care at a Fair Price. Partnering with Healthcare Bluebook can change that.

Healthcare Bluebook helps facilities stand out from their high-priced competitors by listing them prominently on our site. And not only do we increase your visibility, we help you connect with new patients by making it easy to schedule appointments.


Expand your marketing reach.

In most markets, high-value providers see less than 1/3 of all patients. Healthcare Bluebook tips the scales in your favor with visibility that sets you apart from the crowd and makes it simple for patients to choose you over higher-priced competitors.

Healthcare Bluebook drives patient volume by adding another channel to your marketing activities. Being displayed on Healthcare Bluebook will expand your visibility and will help drive more patient traffic straight to your door.


What facility types do we feature on our site?

Healthcare Bluebook features a variety of facility types across the spectrum of care – from imaging centers to ambulatory surgery centers to hospitals. These facilities share our belief that informed consumers make good healthcare choices by choosing high-value facilities.

Next Steps

Contact us today to learn more about the requirements for promoting your facility on Healthcare Bluebook.

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