Healthcare Bluebook is a rational healthcare marketplace where informed consumers can save money by choosing to get their care from thousands of Fair Price providers.

  • What We Do

    What we do is simple – we help consumers save on healthcare expenses while helping Fair Price providers attract cost-conscious consumers.

    Unfortunately, it is difficult for consumers to determine fair pricing for healthcare. Prices are not generally published and the list prices (or billed charges) are higher than providers typically charge most of their patients with insurance. The Healthcare Bluebook is a free resource that shows a Fair Price for healthcare products and services to consumers.

    Our consumer-friendly tool helps consumers quickly and easily understand what they should pay for the healthcare services they need. Secret pricing practices have contributed to high price differences among providers and have left the consumers and employers paying more for services than they should. Once consumers know what healthcare services should cost, they can find providers that offer the best value.

  • Why We Do It

    Consumers with traditional health insurance frequently need to know how much healthcare services will cost. Average deductibles are increasing and can be $1000 or higher. Coinsurance rates, which are the percentage of the bill that the consumer must pay, range from 20 to 40%. Many consumers would prefer to use the doctor of their choice but also want their doctor to refer them to cost effective facilities and testing centers. As health insurance plans shift more cost to consumers, consumers need to be able to choose healthcare services at Fair Prices.

    Even if consumers with insurance go ‘in-network’ they may be charged 3 times to 5 times more than they should pay depending on which provider they use. The Healthcare Bluebook price represents a Fair Price to pay for a service or product. Consumers should shop within their insurance network to find providers with Fair Prices. Or if you are paying cash, make sure to ask for a cash pay discount to get the Fair Price.

  • Work With Us

    We partner with other progressive organizations who share our passion about helping consumers become better healthcare shoppers. Naturally, we offer our tools and information directly to consumers and have provided practical information to millions of people who are interested in saving money.

    We help employers reduce their healthcare spend by equipping them and their employees with customized sites that allow them to promote Fair Prices and connect employees with providers who offer their services for the Fair Price or less.

    For those payors who have adopted a price transparency strategic initiative, we create co-branded or white label transparency sites that support their initiatives. We help health plans and third party administrators inform and educate their members on price variances and how to find Fair Prices for care they need within their networks.

    We work with healthcare providers who believe that transparent pricing is the future of healthcare and whose pricing strategy is designed to be fair and reasonable. We promote their practices on our site and connect them to consumers who are seeking a Fair Price.

    Our strategic partners share our mission. We work with a variety of organizations to support their transparency initiatives. We offer multiple ways to integrate Healthcare Bluebook so that Fair Prices are available to their clients’ constituents in the most effective manner.